What brought us to tiny houses….

Granted, tiny houses are not a new phenomenon. People used to live small before World War II, packed with whole families of 10 kids or more in a home that now houses one person. Things have changed since then. Wealth has grown and that wealth had to be shown –amongst other things – in square footage. We started to live bigger and gather more stuff, stuff for which we needed more space. Somehow we ended up in a vicious circle of working hard to pay of a mortgage for our large homes and then working even harder to be able to catch a break from it all in expensive resorts where we could lay our heads to rest and enjoy some much needed free time.

Tiny House, big design…

As the Tiny Houses moved to Holland Marjolein in ‘t Klein was one of the first ones to succumb. The lifestyle of living smaller with less stuff in a house built of bio based materials and closer to nature appealed to her. Soon other Dutch people would follow in her footsteps, amongst whom Monique van Orden who wrote the book Tiny Houses – less house, more living. For this book she interviewed 25 people in The Netherlands and Belgium on their life in a tiny house.